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WiseFixer is a suite of system tools. Despite its ability of carrying out multiple computer maintenance tasks, this program's main function is registry cleaning and system optimization. Why does the registry need to be cleaned? Because after you have been using your computer for a while, you have probably installed and uninstalled a few programs. Maybe, you have created or open files and documents that were later deleted or moved, leaving broken shortcuts behind. Little by little, this junk is accumulated in the registry reducing your system’s performance.
First and foremost, WiseFixer is capable of finding and fixing these registry errors. Although there are many registry cleaners around, they do not use the same algorithm so they yield different results. This is perhaps the reason why a given registry optimizer can fail to find some errors that are later detected by other software of this kind. When I ran WiseFixer in my system, it claimed to have detected more than a hundred errors, but it would not let me fix them unless I paid for the license.
WiseFixer, as I said, does more than just cleaning the registry, in fact, it is a package of utilities. In this regard, it contains privacy tools that erase evidence from your computer. Another set of tools is intended to boost your system by optimizing specific areas, such as the menu, desktop, network, service and startup. The so-called system tools in this package allow blocking ActiveX, uninstalling applications, splitting and joining files, deleting files securely, configuring Internet Explorer, defragmenting your hard disks, updating Windows and setting file extensions. Finally, there is a group of utilities that lets you back up the Registry, the system or specific folders.
In general, despite so many functionalities, WiseFixer is an easy-to-use application. The tools are easily found in the left panel and most of them are wizards.

Pedro Castro
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  • The trial version is too restricted
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